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Pink Clouds

Who is M.Asha?

That is a question with no correct answer. It depends on whom you are asking really. To some people, I am a reader. A reader of energy, people, and events. To others a counselor, mentor, and friend. To my most amazing accomplishments, I am mom.


My Natal Chart holds some secrets, my personality type holds a little more. I am a spiritualist by heart with the mind of a scientist. Because of the skeptical mind, my spiritual awakening was a painful one. One of unlearning many lessons taught in school. A lesson in faith and trusting the unseen. However, that question is easier understood by the proven elements and experience of me. 

Pisces Sun - Sagitarrius Moon - Libra Rising - Manifesting Generator - Life Path 3 - Pluto in 12th House Channeler - Medium - Paranormal Researcher - Student of Hermetic Philosophy - Sirius Volunteer - Traumatologist - Certified Meditation Instructor - Artist

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