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The Equation of You! Personality traits, natal charts, life lessons, and what your mama said...

Updated: May 20, 2021

I am sure may have you have scratched your head about all the different descriptions that allegedly make up your personality. You check your horoscope with your sun sign just to realize that it doesn't fit. Then you learn about the moon and rising placements. Wait, what?

Oh, you are just learning that you are so much more than just your "Sun Sign". Yes, you are. Many people may even relate more to other placements in their natal chart. If you have a chart with 4 or more of the same sign, you will be considered that sign, not your sun sign. WOW! That is a ton to process, right?

The Sun, the Moon, and the planet breaking the horizon at the time of your birth...all have an impact on your personality and how you perceive and function in the world and with one another. A simple way to look at it is to think of it as a lens.

Your SUN SIGN is a lens on how you view the world EXTERNALLY. Your interaction with the OUTSIDE world.

Your MOON SIGN is a lens of how you view yourself INTERNALLY. Your emotions and the part of you that only YOU can see. The inner you, your soul.

Your RISING (ASCENDENT) is how the world VIEWS YOU, outside looking in. Your social personality. If you aren't sure what your natal chart says, you can get a free one conducted at or apps like AstroMatrix or Co-Star. You will need your place and time of birth.

Okay, but what about personality types. I am a supporter of the Myers Briggs Typology Indicator, also known as (MBTI). I am an INFJ. There are 16 types and the focus is cognitive functioning. A great place to start to find your MBTI is visiting There are other personality type assessments, but for this blog posts, I am sticking to the one I know. How does this play into your natal chart? Great question.

Now let's balance all of this with your life lessons and traumas. Yes, while all of these elements make up who you are; your life lessons, templates, and any traumas hold it all together. This is the reason why you can have a similar natal chart and even the same personality type with another person and still be very different. The MBTI is the vehicle in how you process information (intake and output) when you interact with the world. It is the vehicle you move around in. So how do the other elements play into your equation? Check out the image below.

Think of it as your personality type the car you use to get around in life. Taking you from place to place that you are interested in and wanting to experience. Now let's look at the passengers. Who at any time can take the driver seat, whenever the situation calls for it. Your passengers are your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Rising Sun, and Life Experiences. Depending on the situation or experience, whoever is in the driver seat will have a huge impact on the outcome. That influence can override all of the other influences. An example would be when you are triggered, your trauma (life experience) driver can take control of the wheel and ignore the other influences. This can be a good or not so good thing.

So the bottom line is, all the aspects of you are important ones and should be considered when learning about yourself. You are not just one part of something but rather a moving, complicated addition to this life experience.

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