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Love/Communication Candle

Love/Communication Candle

These handmade soy vibrational candles are made to order. 

A white base is used as the foundation of any need and accommodates all dressing intentions. 
Color changes are unique to each individually crafted candle, as the flowers, herbs, and oils tint the white base, making for a truly unique, individualized experience. 


This candle is set to increase honest, clear communication with a loved one by the time of the completed burn. Many times clients report changes within a day of burning the candle. 

Each experience will vary depending on the length of time you meditate on your intention and how long and often the candle is lit. While we suggest allowing the candle to burn completely in one burn, please never leave your candle unattended. 

The potency of the candle is not decreased when relit, as long as you set your intention at every lighting. 
The influence of a NEW MOON increases the speed of the results.

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