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"Michelle gave me so much insight and clarity with my reading. And I really love the way she reads her spreads with attention to detail. She definitely has an amazing intuitive gift! She picked up on so many things that are going on and it has given me direction and insight. Highly, very highly recommend her if you are looking for insight or inspiration, she has a very unique gift and you will not be disappointed!
Thanks Michelle! 💗"

"When the general reading that she posted for my sign on her YouTube page resonated with me completely, I decided to book a reading. She was spot on with my reading. I really appreciate the fact that she offered to clarify a few things for me after the initial reading. I highly recommend her!"

"Beautiful reading. Thoughtful, supportive - and very accurate and relevant! So cool. A gift. Truly!"

"Michelle's reading was spot on and a joy to receive - the reading triggered big shifts in me which I am extremely grateful and appreciative of and I would highly recommend her as a reader. She is the real deal!"

"michelle’s reading is most definitely impeccable and spot on
I hv nvr come across such amazing way of delivering her video reading I couldn’t move even one sec here or there
Perfect timing n perfect delivering. My heart kept pounding till the end... already seen it three times😁😁
So thank u soooo much for ur incrdible incredible reading
Spirits are truely blessed on u my dear
U are an amazing beautiful reader!!!
God bless!!!"

"I did a year reading and she was great. She went through everything with me and waited for me to take notes. After the reading, I had more clarity and knew what I needed to work on internally. She was also great at interpreting a dream that I had and giving me advice going forward."

"Very insightful . Would recommend to anyone with questions!"

"She was able to give me the confirmation that I needed. I had a dream and needed help. She also was able to let me know more about my gift. Once the reading was done I felt better and lighter."

"I was very impressed with my reading you confirmed so much from my son which is five he say Angels and unicorns in the sky I always felt a connection with Asians and felt many deities around me from Kali to Yemaya Oya Bastet Isis Buddha oshun and Sekhmet as well I also felt connection with starseeds and begin in different dimensions as well you really confirm a lot I do need more clarification of who my spirit Guides are and lil more clarification on the challenges evolving work...I loved your energy as well thanks alot"

Pisces Sun - Sagitarrius Moon - Libra Rising - Manifesting Generator - Life Path 3 - Pluto in 12th House Channeler - Medium - Paranormal Researcher - Student of Hermetic Philosophy - Traumatologist - Certified Meditation Instructor - Artist

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